Chapter II

26-28 September 2008

The Labia Theatre - 68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa

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The 2nd chapter of the South African festival of cinematic extremes on the big screen came sooner than even we thought!
It will focus on Extreme Music, with impacting documentaries, intense movies, and explosive documented live performances,
including Punk, HardCore, Metal, Avant-Garde, and Industrial genres.
The trusted venue will again be
The Labia Theatre - 68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town

Friday 26 September
8pm: HATED – GG Allin & The Murder Junkies

Saturday 27 September
2pm: STRAPPING YOUNG LAD Live at Download Festival
8pm: GET THRASHED – The Story Of Thrash Metal

Sunday 28 September

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Members of the audience attending the X FEST will stand the chance to go home with
a range of great CDs and DVDs from Century Media / EMI, Gallo, and Road Runner / Gresham Records!
Incl: SLIPKNOT's new album, all the STRAPPING YOUNG LAD albums, Century Media compilations, UNDEROATH,

(courtesy of MVD)

Friday 26 September - 8pm / R25

"My mind's a machine gun, my body's the bullets, and the audience is the target" - GG Allin

GG Allin was named Jesus Christ by his mentally unstable father. From a young age GG’s rebellious nature was evident, and he turned into the last true rock & roll rebel whose frustrated, angry soul burst forth through music.

His intense, sleaze-filled outlaw punk-rock style went hand-in-hand with drug abuse, self-mutilation and attacks on the audience. Together with his misfit band of Murder Junkies their notorious shows erupted into events of mayhem and every possible bodily fluid, as a naked GG rampaged like a madman attacking himself and his audience, defecating on stage and bashing himself in the head with the microphone until the blood flowed.

This in-depth, visceral documentary by Todd Phillips looks at the man and his music through the 1980’s and early '90s, including interviews with GG, his band, friends, family and fans, with live shows and spoken word performance footage.
Always threatening to commit suicide on stage, GG died of a drug overdose in ‘93.

He was no attention seeking act, but the real deal, living a life of true intensity, and this documentary captured the psychosis just in time.
Many talk the talk, very few walked it like GG.

“A fascinating documentary on the man who makes Marilyn Manson look like Mister Rogers…” – Mean Street

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(courtesy of Century Media & EMI)

Saturday 27 September - 2pm / R25

The best cinematic force to come from Canada is by far director David Cronenberg, and their culinary highlight has to be maple syrup. Musically it is not Bryan Adams or Celine Dion, but Strapping Young Lad!

Fronted by genius sonic madman Devin Townsend, this musical force erupted in 1995, pushing the boundaries of extreme music with each album release, carrying an unrelenting barrage of audio power – besides ripping on guitar, Dev’s vocals covers every level from amazing melodic singing to the most intense screams any side of the Pacific. Big Gene's drumming is earthshaking and super-fast, while Jed and Byron shreds on guitar and bass.

With nothing left to prove, having shown everyone how it should be done, sadly SYL have called it a day, but here you’ll get the chance to witness their powerhouse live performance at the 2006 Download Festival on the big screen!

Copies of the entire Strapping Young Lad catalogue, and other Century Media CD give-aways will go to members of the audience at the screenings (incl. Arch Enemy on CD and DVD, Century Media compilations, Metal Mayhem compilations, Warrel Dane, Venomous Concept & more).


(courtesy of Doug Sakmann)

Saturday 27 September - 4pm / R25

Punk’s not dead…but it’s about to be!

Heads fly in this slasher-zombie-comedy as a killer takes care of organizers and bands alike at the WARPED Punk Rock festival tour...

At the first X FEST we were set to screen this one, but thanks to the postal service the package with Part 1 went awol - and Part 2 arrived solo. So we screened the second part.

But, now you’ll get the chance to see the hilarious original. Expect to witness many of your favourite band members getting whacked by the mysterious slasher, including Rancid, Pennywise, Atmosphere, The Used, Andrew WK, Beret, Suicide Machines, Big D and the Kids Table, Tsunami Bomb, Bowling For Soup, Destruction Made Simple, Dropkick Murphies, Face To Face, Glassjaw, Horrorpops, The Kids Of Widney High, Less Than Jake, Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, MEST, Never Heard Of It, The Phenomenauts, Simple Plan, Treephort, and many more!

Also features Troma’s Lloyd Kaufmann as the evil record company boss.

Punk’s not dead…but it’s about to be!


(courtesy of Klaus Maeck)

Saturday 27 September - 6pm / R25

The undisputed originators of Industrial music are the German audio scientists Einstürzende Neubauten, led by the magnetic Blixa Bargeld (who also played guitar for Nick Cave’s Bad Seeds).

This in-depth documentary by Klaus Maeck and Johanna Schenkel takes a focused look at this highly innovative group (formed in the early ‘80s), using more than mere musical instruments to create sounds, from power drills and jackhammers, to scrap metal and vocal contortions they pushed the boundaries of conventional music to another dimension.

Includes interviews with all the members, and footage from across their career, with very rare early performances, as well as later shows.
This is the definitive documentary on a group that still remains an unparalleled genre unto themselves.

German with English subtitles.

[We were communicating with Blixa Bargeld’s management for him to attend the X Fest, but unfortunately his schedule could not allow for it]


GET THRASHED – The Story Of Thrash Metal
(courtesy of director Rick Ernst & Lightyear Entertainment)

Saturday 27 September - 8pm / R25

Everyone had a good time – even if they were bleeding...!

In the 1980s a new form of music rose from the ashes of Heavy Metal – it was faster, more aggressive and totally brilliant – Thrash Metal!
This documentary tells the tale from the mouths of those who created it and played a major role in the new direction extreme music took from there, right up until present day.
Featuring Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Pantera, Slipknot, Anthrax, Kreator, Overkill, Exodus, Testament, Lamb Of God, In Flames, Shadows Fall and more!


(courtesy of Kundrat Productions)

Sunday 28 September - 4pm / R25

Rock stardom's hidden secret of success..........WORK!

Lee Kundrat (aka Rat Skates) was a former semi-pro skateboarder turned Metal drummer in the early ‘80s. He was one of the founder members of the band Overkill, and with a DIY attitude helped shape a new musical movement known as Thrash Metal, alongside bands like Anthrax, Slayer, Exodus, Metallica and Nuclear Assault.

This highly entertaining documentary looks at how Rat Skates persevered and put more than blood sweat and tears into making their band a success, literally rising to Metal fame from the basement.
Features great archive footage and anecdotes on how they pulled it all off.

A must-see, for band members and even for those who'd never heard this kind of music in their lives.


THROBBING GRISTLE – RE-TG Live at the London Astoria
(courtesy of Mute Records & Industrial Records)

Sunday 28 September - 6pm / R25

The avant-garde / experimental / industrial audio trips of Throbbing Gristle started in the mid seventies and came to an end in 1981.

Born from a performance art background with a strong confrontational viewpoint, TG shocked the public and often baffled their fans who didn’t always understand them, but was dying to.

Their live shows were a blend of taped loops (pioneering modern day samples) and improvised sound experiments with guitars, trumpets, violins, synth & voice, not always corresponding with their recorded work. TG is fronted by the eccentric Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (whose ongoing body modification experiment to become a pandrogynous being expands his/her unique character).

They returned in 2004 not having played together for almost 25 years. This show at the London Astoria is a fascinating, sometimes challenging experience, the audience mesmerized by the sounds created.

Throbbing Gristle still remains a phenomenon of enigmatic proportions.

A very limited 7-disc DVD box-set edition of various live performances since the early ‘80s can be ordered here.


(courtesy of Halo 8)

Sunday 28 September - 8pm / R25

The legendary documentary about the world’s hardest music.

Just like various parts of the world spawn their particular brand of Punk, Metal and other genres, the style of Hardcore music born from the streets of New York has become a staple around the world.

This documentary takes you into its realm with bands like Agnostic Front, Sick Of It All, Cro-Mags, Madball, VOD, Murphy’s Law, District 9, Lord Ezec and others.


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