The 2008 X FEST (28-30 March) was the first South African festival of cinematic extremes on the big screen,
including feature films, documentaries, and short flix
at the Labia Theatre - 68 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town

The Festival was a blast - thanks to everyone who came out!
Check back here occasionally for news on the next X FEST. Meanwhile,don't forget the S.A. HORRORFEST late October!


2008 X FEST Best Picture Award: Jonathan Yudis' PERVERT!
2008 X FEST Audience Outrage Award:
Doug Sakmann's The XXXorcist
2008 X FEST Best Screenplay Award:
Quentin Tarantino's DEATH PROOF
2008 X FEST Best Visual FX:
2008 X FEST Extreme Personality Hall Of Fame: BOB FLANAGAN (SICK)


The audience got Grindhouse posters, Something Wicked Magazines, Path Of Sin, and WildFire give-aways

If you couldn't make it, below is what you missed out on -
an intense weekend long motion picture experiences which fried the eyes of the audience and blew their minds

Below you'll find the list of controversial, classic, visceral, avant-garde, explicit & challenging movies screened

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FRIDAY 28 MARCH - 2:15pm > Screen 2
FRIDAY 28 MARCH - 8:15pm > Screen 2

With the growing interest in this award-winning documentary on social fallacies, ZEITGEIST will screen as part of the X FEST with two shows on Friday 28 March. It will also get additional screenings after the X FEST. Please contact the Labia Theatre for dates and times.

ZEITGEIST is the documentary phenomenon produced by Peter Joseph, exposing lies, half truths and factual distortions to which the population of the world has been subjected over centuries by the powers that be. It is an eye-opening work which may shake the foundations of many viewers, and change the way the world is viewed.

2 shows

FRIDAY 28 MARCH - 4:15pm (R20)
> Screen 2
SATURDAY 29 MARCH - 8:15pm (R20) > Screen 2

Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, director Jonathan Yudis will not be attending the X FEST, but you have two chances to see his outrageous flick.

The most outrageous movie ever!

What more could you ask for?

“Smells like Russ Meyer” – Film Threat

X FLIX – Short Film Collection

FRIDAY 28 MARCH - 6:15pm (R20) > Screen 2

A feature length anthology of intense short movies from around the world, including:

South Africa:
Paul Blom’s imPERFECTION, Ronnie Belcher’s Die Grendel, and Robin Ogden’s G.I Joe vs The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Alex Ferrari’s CYN, Armundo Munoz’ The Killer Krapper, Jakob Bilinski’s Foxxy Madonna vs The Black Death, and Christopher Thomas’ Love Hurts

Andrey Iskanov’s A Glimpse Of Hell

Alex Masterton’s Mr. Video


FRIDAY 28 MARCH - 8:30pm - 11pm (R30) > Screen 1

Quentin Tarantino & Robert Rodriguez resurrects the GRINDHOUSE days of exploitation flicks with their killer duet homage of DEATH PROOF and PLANET TERROR. The X FEST has gone to great pains to exhibited this ass-kicking set of movies as they were intended, as a double feature for the price of one movie!
Tarantino's DEATH PROOF sees Kurt Russell as a demented stuntman messing with the wrong girls in a metal crunching muscle-car spectacular.
Rodriguez's PLANET TERROR hits horror-gore territory with a chemical turning citizens into gory sickos, humanity’s hope resting on a hot chick with a machine gun for a leg!
We're hoping to include the fake trailer reel linking up the two movies. These were made by Rob “House Of 1000 Corpses” Zombie, Eli “Hostel” Roth and Edgar “Shaun Of The Dead” Wright.

(courtesy Ster Kinekor)


FRIDAY 28 MARCH - 10:15pm (R20) > Screen 2

This engrossing, mind-blowing, shocking and heart-breaking documentary looks at the life and death of Bob Flanagan, super-masochist, performance artist and Cystic Fibrosis sufferer. The dichotomy of his sado-masochistic lifestyle and his deadly illness is a staggering parallel symbiosis, leading to many emotional moments and some visceral visuals (from his performance art and domination games, to such extremes as Bob whacking a nail through his own dick!

(Not to be confused with Michael Moore’s SICKO)


SATURDAY 29 MARCH - 2:15pm (R20) > Screen 2

Drug Crazed Abandon!

"Women cry for it! Men die for it!"

Cult classic cautionary propaganda flick from 1936 warning against the deadly dangers of marijuana.


SATURDAY 29 MARCH - 4:15pm (R20) > Screen 2

Punk’s not dead…but it’s about to be!

Heads fly in this slasher-zombie-comedy as a killer takes care of organizers and bands alike at the WARPED Punk Rock festival tour...
Thank you SA postal service! The package with Punk Rock Holocaust 1 went awol - the director also sent Part 2 - that's the only one that arrived!

So, you'll be watching Punk Rock Holocaust 2 !

Expect to see bandmembers losing their heads, from My Chemical Romance, Bouncing Souls, and The Aquabats, to The Casualties, Sugarcult and The Planet Smashers.

Punk’s not dead…but it’s about to be!


SATURDAY 29 MARCH - 6:15pm (R20) > Screen 2

This controversial movie was made in the snuff style as it follows a man and his video camera on a dark journey as he picks up a young girl and takes her to a motel room.

The planned assembly of a diverse panel to discuss and debate extreme entertainment and its merits from an artistic-, moral-, censorship-, and freedom-of-speech perspective, will feature at the next X FEST.

2 shows

FRIDAY 28 MARCH - 4:15pm (R20)
> Screen 2
SATURDAY 29 MARCH - 8:15pm (R20) > Screen 2

Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances, director Jonathan Yudis will not be attending the X FEST, but you have two chances to see his outrageous flick.

The most outrageous movie ever!

What more could you ask for?

“Smells like Russ Meyer” – Film Threat


SATURDAY 29 MARCH - 10:15pm (R20) > Screen 2

Doug Sakmann’s graphic adult spoof of this classic horror film is hilarious, shocking, titillating and totally nuts.

Warning: extremely xxxplicit!

(Features punk rock porn star Joanna Angel, and in a cameo, Evan Seinfeld - Biohazard vocalist and star of prison drama Oz)


SUNDAY 30 MARCH - 2:15pm (R20) > Screen 2

This documentary features a rare interview with Charles Manson, shedding light on the insanity (and sometimes clarity) of the man who sanctioned the brutal Tate/LaBianca murders in the Hollywood hills in the summer of 1969, inadvertently bashing the final nail in the coffin of the love generation.

(replaces Ichi The Killer)

SUNDAY 30 MARCH - 4:15pm (R20) > Screen 2

Back by popular demand - as seen at the S.A. HORRORFEST !
The first feature by Oscar winning Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson. Bad Taste is a crazy, hilariously, gory spectacle you'll never forget.


SUNDAY 30 MARCH - 8:30pm (R20) > Screen 1

Unfortunately, director Ryan Nicholson couldn't make it from Canada to introduce his movie, take questions afterwards, meet & greet. We know, you were as disappointed as we were...
Courier cost to send the movie to S.A. overnight was astronomical, and the DVD download attempt failed. So, we ended up screening PERVERT!, the X FEST Best Picture winner again to close the festival.

You can see Gutterballs at the 2008 South African HORRORFEST late October.

A series of bizarre gory murders disrupt a midnight disco bowl-a-rama at a popular bowling alley. One by one, players of two teams meet blood-drenched gruesome deaths at the hand of a masked killer wearing a black bowling-glove. This alley will run red with blood by sunrise and the twist that reveals the killer will shock even the most jaded viewer!

From the director of Live Feed comes this non-stop horror comedy which will have you screaming in fear and laughing out loud. An homage to 80s slasher flicks that is definitely not to be missed.

Extremely graphic.

Click here for an interview with Ryan Nicholson

HÄXAN - Witchcraft Through The Ages

Please note:
Due to logistics, we've decided to roll the HÄXAN live soundtrack performance over to the South African HORRORFEST in October -

The line-up will feature an original soundtrack performed to the screen by members of TERMINATRYX, LARK, and more to be confirmed.

With HÄXAN, Danish filmmaker Benjamin Christensen was condemned for making this vivid film back in 1922. This silent black & white classic looked at witchcraft in all of its shapes in both a mock documentary- and fictional style, with dramatizations, fantasies, the incorporation of art through the ages, exposing misconceptions, superstition and manipulation. Christensen also portrayed both Satan and Jesus in the film.

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